Eat Healthy. Get Fit.

2016 Version 2.0

As we progress in age – like us, The Corporate Dads, it becomes harder and harder to lose our spare tyres. Summer in New Zealand is a time of indulgence. A time where you can literally let the belt buckle go, grab a turkey leg or a big bowl of chips and have a beer or 60.

Again in 2016 we’re making it easier for you to get fit and to get healthy.

The Eat Healthy. Get Fit programme will last for 6 weeks starting on the 1St of Feb. You will receive a menu plan for the week ahead, prepared by Josh and Aaron with guidance from nutritionist Claire Turnbull. It will include a shopping list with basic recipes and don’t worry – there won’t be too many technical dishes involved! Then of course you’ll also get your weekly training programme from Grant at Sting Fitness.

To become involved you need to register your details below and invite your friends to join you too.  This is the first step in many over the coming 6 weeks, but good on you.


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